Shift Your Audience

Most of us think that our circumstances produce our narratives, but Russell shows audiences it is our narratives that produce our circumstances. Through a set of actions and behaviors, Russell demonstrates how he did and you can “Shift Your Narrative.”

Blind from the age of 16, Russell Redenbaugh’s achievement as a successful investor and economist, a Commissioner on the US Civil Rights Commission serving under three US Presidents and a three time gold medal jiujitsu world champion fighting sighted opponents, prove that if he can, you can.

Russell believes we all live in narratives that both produce and limit our opportunities.  We live as though these narratives are fixed, rigid, unchangeable things.  Instead, Russell shows audiences that these are only stories.  They define our lives, and, more importantly, they can be changed.

Typically, motivational and inspirational talks only last until you return to your regular life.  That is a pitiful return on the client’s money and the audience’s time.  Motivation only lasts if it is coupled with a new set of actions and behaviors. Russell wants his audiences to not only be inspired for a moment, but motivated to take action permanently. This is a powerful tool not merely for individuals, but for teams and whole corporations.  A shift in narrative produces a greater opportunity for success, and Russell’s presentations are designed to help individuals and corporations “Shift their Narratives” to get more of what they care about. This can happen through the successful implementation of a set of distinctions that include:

Declarations – Declarations are the closest thing we have to magic.  They are the announcement of a new possibility and new action.  They are always the first step to “Shifting Your Narrative.”

Offers/Requests – Offers and requests are not only the blocking and tackling of business, they are the fundamentals of all human relationships.  Offers are more powerful than requests, since no organization survives if its offers are not accepted.  You must define, “What is Your Offer?” – to your company, to your client, to your spouse.  You can then decide what you request in exchange.

Metrics – If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.  Generating metrics is the only way to observe actions and manage change.  Clear metrics will produce better moods in organizations and relationships.  They will allow the “real conversations” to emerge.